CA Seismic Principles Exam

EET offers a Seismic Principles review class for the California Seismic Principles Exam.

 Effective January 2020, the California Board for Professional Engineers will begin using the 2019 California Building Code (CBC 2019) and the ASCE 7-16 as the building code and seismic load standard for the CA seismic exam.

EET Live Seminars and Webinars conducted in October and November, 2019 will address both of the exam applicants taking their seismic exam in the 4th quarter of 2019 using the 2016 California Building Code (CBC 2016) and the ASCE 7-10; and exam applicants taking their seismic exam starting January 1, 2020 using the new 2019 California Building Code (CBC 2019) and the ASCE 7-16. Separate sessions will be conducted where major changes occur.

EET On-Demand Webinars for exam applicants taking their seismic exam in the 1st quarter of 2020 using 2019 California Building Code (CBC 2019) and the ASCE 7-16 are currently available 

EET CA Seismic Review Class

Taught by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, S.E, P.E, P.M.P


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Advanced Engineering Institute




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Seminars, Webinars and On-Demand

"Great class. The textbook and class lessons were thorough and the homework problems were comprehensive. You were extremely invested in the success of each candidate. There was great value in the time you  devoted to make yourself available for one-on-one , small group & class discussions.   The personalized sessions gave me the confidence I needed to prepare for this exam. I would highly recommend this course to people studying for the seismic exam."

Kathryn D.,  San Diego, CA

"Unlike other review courses out there; the subject matter approach was to master the fundamentals of the material rather than memorize where to use what formula.  Ahmed was a coach and an instructor, always there to explain and encourage. The personal attention paid to each student taking the course was unlike anything I 've ever seen.  Simply put, if you are willing to focus and work with Ahmed to learn the seismic analysis of buildings, take this class and feel confident knowing you will be passing the exam. Thanks again Ahmed for all your help." 

Ross H., Chicago, IL

"The other famous class was good, but Dr. Ibrahim's class is much much better.  Thanks again for such a wonderful class. Wish I would've taken it last year!."

Edward W., Walnut Creek, CA

"I have taken this test five times, and have also taken several classes to better understand the subject matter. Only after this class, I passed the exam.  I  cannot say enough about how great this class was. I only wish I have taken this class earlier, and saved myself a lot of money and heartaches. This is hands down the best class available and would recommend it to anyone taking the seismic exam. I do not have any structural background and this class provided me with great understanding of the concepts and test taking tips I needed.    Ahmed, I wish there were more teachers out there that had your dedication and commitment to seeing their students achieve. You are truly one of a kind." 

Kristen W., Irvine, CA

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