Civil PE

Information on the seminar, webinar, and on-Demand classes.

Review class formats:

  1. The Breadth review sessions cover all NCEES recommended topics for all five testing areas in the morning session. We carefully developed the materials to make sure that you can solve the problems easily and confidently.
  2. The Depth review sessions for each module (Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water and Environmental) is tailored to focus only on the specific module. This format will allow you to spend more time on the contents that will appear in the afternoon session.
  3. “Problem-solving workshops” are conducted to help you to interact with the instructors, resolve any specific issues or problems and to solve practice problems.
  4. Examples and exercises will be solved to illustrate concepts discussed in the class, and to provide you with a better understanding of the subject and more confidence in solving exam problems.
  5. EET instructors are well experienced and knowledgeable about the subject matter of instruction, and they will be available to help you with any specific questions after their session of instruction.
  6. Simulated Timed Tests at the end of each depth class. Each test includes 40 questions and timed for 4 hours duration to simulate the real PE Exam.

Separate modules for both the Breadth and Depth Sections of the exam are offered:

* All classes are subject to minimum attendance (see Policies)

Review classes for the Civil PE Exam are offered in the following formats:



    • EET uses Adobe Connect to conduct all live webinar classes. EET instructors will schedule a session before the actual instruction starts (dry run) to guide you to attend the sessions and to make sure your computer has the latest flash player and that you are properly connected with the class. There is no cost for you to use Adobe Connect. Each session will be recorded and available for you until the exam date.

    • On-Demand Webinars for the 8 hour PE Exam are available immediately after you complete the registration.
      • Over 100 hours of recorded lectures from the last season, quizzes, workshops and simulated exam for both breadth and depth sessions.
      • Updated handouts will be given as well as current season recordings. 
      • All recordings and problem solving workshop sessions are available until the day of Exam.
      • User will have unlimited access to the recordings.
      • An instructor, upon request, will walk you through the resources after you receive your binder.
      • Instructors are also available to answer questions via email.