Water Resources and Environmental

Water Resources and Environmental PM exam cover Analysis and Design, closed conduit, Open Channel Flow, Hydrology, Groundwater and Wells, Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Water Quality, and Drinking Water Distribution and Treatment. The class has 40 hours of professional live instructions, 10 hours of problem solving session (total 5 sessions), and 5 hour exam discussion (total 3 sessions). The binder is well organized and has approximately 700 problems to practice. A 4-hour simulated exam, which includes 40 problems, is offered at the end of the review class to provide students an opportunity to experience the pressure of the real exam. 

  • Total 40 hours of professional instructions, 10 hours of problem solving sessions, and 5 hour exam discussion.
  • Fees include binder with shipping, and simulated exam.
  • The seminars are held at The Double Tree Hotel located (across the street from Arden Mall) at:
    2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 95815.
  • This Water Resources live seminar class will not be offered in Spring 2020.
  • Total 40 hours of professional instructions, 10 hours of problem solving sessions, and 5 hour exam discussion.
  • Fees include binder with shipping and simulated exam.
  • The live Webinar uses Adobe Connect software. You only need internet connection and browser to join the session. Webinar sessions are very interactive. Instructor uses PowerPoint slides simulating effective classroom setting.
  • Time on the schedule is shown in Pacific Standard Time. 
  • The live webinar sessions are recorded for you. They are available for you until the exam date.
  • The live webinar class has limited spots. Please register at your earliest convenience. You can enroll in on-demand, if there is no spot in live webinar class. 
Date and Time (PST) Class Content
Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Engineering Economy
Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Water Resources part I: Closed Conduit, Open Channel Flow, and Hydrology . (This is the only class combinded with breadth)
Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020
8:00AM - 4:30PM
Water Resources Part II: Closed Conduit, Open Channel Flow and Hydrology 
Saturday, Sep. 5, 2020
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Analysis and Design, Groundwater Flow, Hydrology
Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2020
Practice Exam 2 Discussion (Hydraulics and Hydrology)
Saturday, Sep. 19, 2020
Wastewater Collection and Treatment
Saturday, Sep. 26, 2020
Water Quality, Water distribution and Treatment 
Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020
Practice Exam 3 Discussion (Environmental)
Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020
1:00 PM- 5:00 PM
Simulated Exam (comprehensive exam for depth)
Monday, Oct. 12, 2020
Simulated Exam Discussion

All times are shown in Pacific Standard Time.
  • On-Demand recording are available immediately after you complete the registration and receive the registration confirmation. 
    • Over 55 hours of recorded lectures, quizzes, workshops and simulated exam for depth sessions.
    • We will provide you updated handout. In addition to the access to the the last season recordings, current season recordings access will be provided. 
    • Fees include binder with shipping, and simulated exam.
    • All instructions and problem solving workshop sessions recordings are available until the day of the exam.
    • An instructor will provide you the resources after you receive your binder.
    • Instructors are also available to answer questions via email.

Enroll Now:

WRE - On-Demand
WRE - On-Demand
Civil PE Water Resources and Environmental On - Demand
Price: $550.00
WRE - Webinar
WRE - Webinar
Civil PE Water Resources and Environmental Webinar
Price: $600.00
"I have taken review classes before. None of them was as deep, clear, and useful for test as this one. Nazrul had every possible example and subject in his materials. He was always ready to help and available. This is the one class for passing Water Resources and Environmental PE."
Dordaneh E., Sacramento, CA

"Having previously taking another review course, I would recommend this course every time against the other. The prep was second to none. Nazrul really made the course enjoyable."

Richard W., Atlanta, GA

"Nazrul is a great instructor. He has a good understanding on the types of concepts and questions could appear on the exam. He covered a lots of the topics (probably a few semesters worth of topics) in a condensed, precise, and efficient manner. His "must-know" topics were a great wrap up for the course. With that being said, the thing I like the most about Nazrul is that he actually cares about his students. He went above and beyond his responsibility to help us to be successful in this exam. His willingness to help was clearly demonstrated from all the discussion sessions he held, the Q&A during the webinars, and the extra correspondence thru emails."

Sam C., Tampa, FL

"Nazrul was the best instructor! He did a great job preparing me for material and problems that were actually on the exam. I am hopeful that I passed this time."

 Carrie G., Helena, MT 

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